Caritas Isiolo

We Are Greatly Led By These Core Values

  • Love and charity to preserve humanity.
  • Equity and fairness

  • Professionalism

  • Transparency and accountability.

Vision Statement

A model of charity and love through transformative development and humanitarian aid

Mission Statement

Creating a God fearing, transformed and self-reliant Isiolo community, through implementation of impact-based development & humanitarian interventions that manifest sustainable livelihoods

Caritas shares the mission of the Catholic Church to serve the poor and to promote charity and justice throughout the world

Caritas Isiolo is the development and Humanitarian arm of the Catholic Diocese of Isiolo (CDI) erected in 15th December 1995. Our main purpose is to enhance holistic development of the human person as guided by the Gospel values and the social teachings of the church.

Caritas Isiolo mandate is to evangelize through humanitarian and development support on behalf of the Diocese. The overall direction of the organization is vested in the Catholic Diocese of Isiolo.

The main office is situated in Isiolo town along Isiolo-Marsabit Road at Isiolo catholic diocese bishop’s secretariat office and three other satellite office located in Garbatulla, Merti and Oldonyiro parishes. 


Projects (2022 to date)
WASH Projects
Emergencies (Participants Reached)
Cash Transfer Amount Disbursed (KES)
Community Saving Groups


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