“From Entrepreneurial Dreams to Community Impact”
"I knew it wouldn't be easy because I had limited stock, leading to decreased demand and less income. Vegetables being highly perishable goods, I often suffered losses."

Situated in the center of Merti sub-county, the peaceful village of Awarsitu witnessed an incredible journey of perseverance and achievement, thanks to a youthful entrepreneur by the name of Fatuma. Her story is proof of the Global Food Crisis Project’s (GFC) ability to change people, as it did both her and her community.

Fatuma’s journey began in pursuit of supporting her family, she opened a small shop, but it was not without its hardships. Her early days as a vendor were marked by limited stock, resulting in decreased demand and income. Fatuma sold vegetables like onions, tomatoes, and cabbages, but accessing these products was financially challenging. She recounted her struggles, saying, “I knew it wouldn’t be easy because I had limited stock, leading to decreased demand and less income. Vegetables being highly perishable goods, I often suffered losses.”

Despite these challenges, Fatuma held onto a dream of building a better future for herself and her family. Her determination and hard work caught the attention of the GFC project, which recognized her potential as a Last Mile Vendor. With a grant of 100,000 Kenyan Shillings from the GFC project, Fatuma’s life took a turn for the better. The grant, provided in two installments, allowed her to strategically expand her business. She decided to focus on marketing healthy food products to mothers of young children in her community.

“This grant is not just an opportunity for me, but a chance to give back,” Fatuma said. “I have used the money to expand my business and restock more nutritious food products like uji, cereals, vegetables, and fruit juice—favorites among pregnant and lactating mothers. This has increased demand and access to nutritious foods in the community, boosting sales and profits.”  Thanks to training offered by the project, Fatuma gained valuable insights into entrepreneurship and effective record-keeping practices, enhancing her business acumen.

The impact of Fatuma’s efforts extended beyond her store. Collaborating with a neighbor, they ventured into the fresh juice business, capitalizing on the growing demand for nutritious options. Their success not only increased revenue but also brought more foot traffic to their shop. As word of her accomplishments spread throughout the town, Fatuma has become an inspiration to young entrepreneurs in Awarsitu, symbolizing hope and renewal for the entire community.

As Fatuma shared her vision for the future, she smiled and stated, “I want to continue expanding my business and creating job opportunities for others in my community. I also hope to support more mothers and children by providing them with access to nutritious food.”

Fatuma’s journey as a successful vendor is a powerful testament to determination, support, and seizing opportunities. Her story illustrates how initiatives like the Global Food Crisis Project can empower individuals to uplift their lives and contribute to their communities’ betterment. Her story serves as a reminder that even in challenging circumstances, success is attainable with the right support. Together, we can celebrate and support individuals like Fatuma as they transform their dreams into reality, creating a brighter future for all.