SMART couple approach

The SMART couple is a faith-based skill building approach the aims to influence the nutritional outcomes of its beneficiaries by ensuring there is joint decision-making workload sharing, and access to family resources by both spouses. Also aims to increase family well-being by improving quality of couple relation (communication, joint decision making, partner support, sex satisfaction etc.) The SMART couple curricula are the faith house (TFH) and Islamic faithful house (IFH).To improve the household situations Caritas is implementing the  christian curricula in Ngaremara and oldonyiro ward, Islam curricula in Garbatulla, Merti and sericho sub-county to strengthen marriages and relationships through communication and planning. Through this approach the organization has trained SMART couples peer mentors who formed couple schools and facilitates sessions for selected couple in their respective villages. The approach has improved program outcomes in areas such as health, agriculture, household economic strengthening, nutrition, WASH etc.

SMART couple -Islamic faithful house couple school facilitators TOTs. (IFH).

A total of 2672 couples have been trained. This includes couples from various regions or schools such as Ngaremara, Oldonyiro, Chari & Cherab, Garbatulla & Sericho.

There are 23 facilitators involved in this program, with specific numbers from different wards—5 from Ngaremara, 4 from Oldonyiro, and 7 each from Chari & Cherab, and Garbatulla & Sericho.

Engaging with 23 schools in six wards across the county serving as hubs for this initiative.

A total of 40 couples from these groups have been trained. This implies engagement with community leaders and influencers beyond just couples.

Male change agent approach

The male change agent approach is for creating an enabling environment in target communities to be treated with respect and dignity irrespective of their gender. Through the approach the organization has been able to see a shift in deeply ingrained norms where men are passionately taking part in challenging harmful social-cultural practices and inspiring other men to be agents of change.

The selected champions in Merti , Garbatulla,Sericho Ngaremara and Oldonyiro ward have served as an entry point to the larger community by creating awareness of gender-related issues leading to positive attitudinal and behavioural changes among communities. Champions have been empowered to support women, girls, and other vulnerable persons in undertaking reproductive, productive, and community roles.

Modogashe elders and sheikhs in male change agent session.

Nineteen male change agents, champions, from different regions received training. Two in Oldonyiro, 3 in Sericho and Garbatulla, 7 in Chari and Cherab, and 7 in Ngaremara.
In their respective communities, these advocates have actively promoted gender sensitivity and the idea of the smart couple, reaching an impressive total of 1390 men as of September 2023. This highlights a proactive strategy to encourage positive behavioral shifts and inclusivity among men, greatly increasing the impact and outreach of the initiative.