Our Goal And Mission

In each day 1,000 children die from illnesses like diarrhea, dysentery, and cholera caused by dirty water and unhygienic living conditions. We cant develop our communities without tackling the waterborne diseases that contribute to ailments.
As part of an integrated approach to fighting hunger, we bring safe water, sanitation, and hygiene services to communities in need all over Isiolo County. By 2018 Caritas Isiolo has reached over 50,000 individuals under this intervention in the County.

What We Do

Provide Access To Safe Water

We improve access to water through the installation of storage tanks and reservoirs. Where water is scarce or unsafe, we drill and decontaminate wells, install hand-pumps, protect natural springs, tap aquifers, rehabilitate damaged infrastructure, and pipe water into hard-to-reach villages and health centers

Promote Sanitation & Hygiene

To prevent outbreaks of disease during a crisis, our teams distribute hygiene kits and build latrines and hand-washing stations. In communities at risk, we construct water filters made from basic materials and teach healthy practices like hand-washing, cooking with clean utensils, and drawing water from protected sources.

A pupil from Dima Ado primary school in Merti Subcounty practically demonstrating to students the proper handwashing method.

Ensure Lasting Change

Our commitment to community participation ensures long-term capacity: we train community-based water committees to manage their water and sanitation infrastructure themselves and organize village health teams to model good sanitation and hygiene practices for their communities long after we leave an area.

Artisan compacting layered blocks during demonstration on VIP latrine construction using trapezoidal blocks.

School WASH

Caritas Isiolo Is implementing a secure and reliable water system in schools project by ensuring they have access to sustainable water services as a critical component of multi-sectoral development. The Project is geared towards enhancing water security of 50 educational institutions in Isiolo County with 14 schools targeted in Yr1, 20 schools in Yr2 & 16 schools inYr3. The project goal is anchored within the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Agro-eology Kithen(OBOS)

  1. To improve access to clean water for pupils/students, teachers and non-teaching staffs through construction of rain water harvesting system (RWHS) which entails installation of gutters, a 10000litre water tank and pipeline connection to the existing water system.
  2. To promote good hygiene and water management practices in schools
  3. To improve food security in schools

  • 11, 250 pupils, students, teachers and nonteaching staff 50 schools Access adequate clean water
  • Sustainable management of targeted school water supplies geared towards enhancing water security.
  • Improved adoption of good hygiene practices at school level and targeted communities.
  • Improved food security in 3 schools & smart agriculture techniques/skills dissemination to 120 pupils